Alex Evans



If you require help on subjects we are covering during your tuition, I offer email and phone support

Welcome to Bolton Maths

I believe, as with many other things in life, there is a hard way of doing something and an easy way. The same can be said of Mathematics teaching, with many practitioners choosing the hard way. The result is that, unless you are naturally gifted, you struggle and struggle to get to grips with the subject. As such, Maths is often perceived as being boring or difficult, especially with the new double award GCSE which is much more challenging as it requires a deeper understanding than before. It doesn't have to be like this!!!!

I am a maths graduate, who has been teaching maths at secondary level since 1996, as a classroom teacher, and since 2006 as a specialist maths consultant to schools. I have developed a flexible, coherent approach which i believe is the easy way to teach maths, and which pupils understand.

My methods have proven to be very successful, with my students quickly improving their Key stage 3 levels / GCSE exam results. I am also experienced in supporting more mature students as they prepare for important exams, such as the Key Skills exam on their teacher training course, or for people returning to Maths after some time who are looking to progress in their careers and wish to improve their general numeracy skills.

Look at the testimonials of people who may be in the same boat as you and who have benefited from a different easier approach??  I have available tuition time-slots for new students.  Please Contact me to check availability and to book an appointment.